Saint Michael's Hospice Care: About Us

Saint Michael's Hospice is here to help people affected by terminal illness to live as full a life as possible. We do this by providing hospice care to people in the Harrogate district living with terminal illness. We also help others to offer hospice standard care to local people.

Saint Michael's is here for people who need extra support on top of the day-to-day care they receive from GPs, district nurses, hospital teams and nursing home staff. Without the hospice, these people could be left to face the complex issues and forgotten challenges of terminal illness alone.
We care for people with a variety of terminal illnesses, including heart failure, respiratory illnesses and neurological conditions; as well as cancer. We care in people's homes, hospitals, care homes and at our hospice.

Saint Michael's believes there are a number of things that make our care special:

  • We have more expert staff and trained volunteers dedicated to supporting people with terminal illness than any other local organisation
  • Our team take time to understand and get to know each person who uses our services so the care we offer can be built around what is important to that person
  • Our care extends to support the people our patients love
  • We treat people as equals
  • We encourage people to participate as fully as possible in any decision that affects them or their care
  • We respect the choices people make about the way they live their lives and the care they want to receive
  • The care we offer is not dependent on a person's ability to pay

Recent feedback demonstrates what people think of our services:

  • More than 90% of the people using our services felt well-cared for
  • 95% of carers felt we made a positive difference to the life of their loved one
  • The industry regulator rated the care we offer as Outstanding

We are a local charity that serves a population of nearly 160,000 people living across the Harrogate district. We are responsive to the needs of this community and dependent on their support for our success. We can only care for as many people as we have the funds to help.

Currently we spend £5million a year providing local hospice care and training others to offer hospice standard care. Around eighty per cent of this work is funded by the individuals, companies, trusts and foundations who support us. We need your financial support to be able to continue to care.

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