The Saint Michael's Hospice Board of Trustees

Saint Michael’s trustees must satisfy themselves that the appropriate strategic planning and policy development processes are in place to achieve the charity’s strategy within the parameters of an agreed budget. They include specialists from the world of finance, health care, local government, media and religion. They are responsible for the appointment of the chief executive, to whom they delegate the day-to-day management of the charity. The chief executive has a small leadership team who work with him to deliver these goals.

Chair of Trustees/Chair of the HR Group: Lesley Bers

Chair of the Clinical Governance Group: Victoria Ashley

Chair of the Finance and Audit Group: John Charlton

Chair of the Strategic Achievement Group: Colin Tweedie

Trustee: Jean MacQuarrie

Trustee: Mark Robinson

Trustee: Karen Wheeldon

Trustee: Sarah Hay

Trustee: Claire Hall

Trustee: John Dobson

Chief Executive (non voting member): Tony Collins

Saint Michael’s Hospice is accountable to a number of external bodies. As a charity we report to the Charity Commission, as a limited company, we answer to Companies House and as a provider of direct healthcare, we are held responsible by the Care Quality Commission.

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