How we plan to help more people.

At the end of this year Saint Michael's Hospice will be coming to the end of its current three year plan to provide more services to more people affected by terminal illness and bereavement across the Harrogate district.There are three main themes to this plan:

Theme 1: Develop our current services and create new ones to ensure we are able to provide more care to more people
Saint Michael's Hospice is renowned for the high quality expert care we provide for people living with terminal illness, their families and carers across the Harrogate district.  It is clear that the need for such care will increase in the future and Saint Michael's is ideally placed to be at the centre of our community's response.

We are doing this by:

  • increasing the support available so that more local people can achieve their wish to live at home at the end of their lives
  • extending the care we provide further into hospitals, care homes and marginalised communities, helping people access hospice care more readily
  • building a new fit-for-the-future inpatient unit that provides more people with expert state-of-the-art care on their doorstep, should they need it.

Theme 2: Develop a team of experts ready to care for the increasing vulnerability and complex needs of the patients of the future 
The high quality hospice care we provide is built on the compassion and expertise of our people, and by that we mean our volunteers and staff. Expert hospice care depends on a wide variety of people, including nurses, consultants, receptionists, therapists, housekeepers, catering staff and many others.

Providing more and different care will require us to make better use of all the people we have and they will all need enhanced knowledge and skills to be able to care for the increasing frailty, vulnerability and complex needs of the local people using our services. That is why a key goal of current strategy is to invest in our people.
We are doing this by:

  • further extending volunteer roles into the direct delivery of care and support
  • developing our staff so that they have skills and flexibilities to care for the complex needs of the patients of the future and deliver the new models of care needed to increase productivity
  • supporting our team of volunteers and staff to deliver quality care for which they are accountable through the correct support, management and supervision arrangements backed up by clear and robust organisational guidance and governance

Theme 3: Develop a bereavement support service that supports the needs of more people within the community we serve
Our vision is of a community where everyone gets the care they need to live their last years, months and days with respect and dignity. As part of this mission we are passionate that people experiencing the death of a significant person get the support they need. This involves helping to understand and cope with their bereavement and embrace a future where they can live and remember that person in a healthy and positive way.
Saint Michael's has made a lot of headway in helping people across the Harrogate district who need bereavement support, however, due to the limited number of other other services for this client group in the area, at least a quarter of local people affected by bereavement are still not getting the help they need, and many more if we consider wider mental health and wellbeing.
We feel this situation is unacceptable because, left without support, these emotions can have damaging psychological, emotional and physical consequences for individuals, their families and society as a whole.
With this in mind, and the fact that we are not a charity to sit on our laurels when there is unmet needs, we are commmitted to developing our Just 'B' service to respond to this need by:

  • developing the structure and identity for the service so that it can support children, young people and adults with a range of mental health and wellbeing issues
  • developing the skills and knowledge of the team in specialist talking therapies and specialist subject areas, such as suicide, rape, violent crime, sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • creating a strong independent profile for this service to ensure the future sustainability of this work.

Keep an eye on the website for news on the completion of this strategy. We look forward to sharing the full results of this work early next year.


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