Bespoke new signage makes hospice more accessible for all


At Saint Michael’s, we tailor our care to each person’s individual needs, and this means creating a hospice environment which is as welcoming, safe and accessible as possible for everyone who visits.

With this in mind, Saint Michael’s has created special signage to help people to navigate the hospice, particularly those living with conditions such as dementia.

The new signage has been generously funded by a grant from the Rank Foundation, and aims to support patients affected by dementia to maintain their independence and reduce anxiety.

We know that for many people living with dementia, clear signage with contrasting colours and images can help them to navigate the environment with confidence and dignity. Saint Michael’s has worked closely with a specialist Admiral nurse from local charity Dementia Forward - who provide support, advice and information to those affected by dementia - to ensure the bespoke signage is tailored to the needs of this group of patients.

Saint Michael’s is committed to working collaboratively to share knowledge and better understand the needs of people in our community. This new signage is just one of the ways the charity is responding to the increasingly complex needs of local people affected by terminal illness to ensure they get the care they want and deserve.

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