The Saint Michael’s Garden of Life

We are very excited to share the news with you, our amazing community of supporters, that we will be displaying a very special 30th anniversary show garden as part of the upcoming Harrogate Spring Flower Show – running from April 26 – 29.

Our garden will be called the Garden of Life, and tells the story of the last three decades of care Saint Michael’s has offered the local district.

Thirty years of local hospice care

Like all the hospice represents, this garden, created to mark our 30th anniversary year, is intended to be a haven of care, comfort and support. It tells the story of local hospice care and Saint Michael’s journey over the last three decades.

This peaceful garden will be on display at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show from April 26 – 29.

Visitors are invited to take a moment for quiet reflection, a moment to look back upon the last three 30 years, and a moment to consider the memories of loved ones who are no long with us, but who we continue to love.

The Tree of Life

At the heart of this garden is the Tree of Life. This custom-made sculpture was crafted and generously donated by Haresign Bespoke.

The Tree of Life is a universal motif found in many ancient cultures, representing spiritual nourishment, strength and renewal. This unique structure, stands in tribute to the lives of friends and family who are no longer with us, each leaf symbolising those we continue to love; these memories are reflected through the spherical mirrors of the water features surrounding the tree.

Care as individual as you are

The unique plants throughout the garden represent the individuality of each and every person who receives Saint Michael’s special brand of care – care that is as individual as you are. Like people, these plants are individuals; no two are ever the same.

The mirrors of the water features aim to remind you that you, too, are a part of the story of three decades of local hospice care; with one in two people touched by this very special care at some point in their lives.

Comfort and support

The willow surrounding the garden is representative of an embrace and has been kindly woven and donated by Dragon Willow; many people who visit Saint Michael’s say that hospice care is like two arms embracing you. This willow is of vibrant and varying colours, a hint to the individual personalisation of the care Saint Michael’s aims to provide.

Woven into the surrounding walls is the shape of the flower Queen Anne’s lace, symbolic of sanctuary and a true reflection of the calmness of this space.

The circular design of the garden is a representation of peace and balance; the garden should be quiet, calm and reflective – elements of this garden will find a home in the grounds of our hospice, where visitors will be able to take a moment to sit at the bench seating and feel the embrace of this haven of care.

Our remarkable community of support

The purple ground covering flower at the base of our Tree of Life is a representation of Saint Michael’s grass roots beginning – born out of the dedication of our volunteers, blooming despite adversity and nestling in the bed of pebbles surrounding them, forming the foundations of local hospice care.

These vibrant alpine roots depict the remarkable community of support that enables Saint Michael’s to grow and spread a canopy of care over our district.


The Tree of Life

Haresign Bespoke

Haresign Bespoke are construction specialists based in Sicklinghall that provide eco-friendly and sustainable renovations, new builds and hand-made furniture for private homes and commercial properties.

We would also like to thank the following businesses for their huge contribution to the garden:

Daleside Nurseries, a retail nursery in Killinghall.

Dragon Willow, an environmentally minded green business.

F Bradley & Sons, a wholesale nursery in Knaresborough.

Riverside Quarry, a topsoil supplier in Knaresborough.

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