Reasons to have a will

Many people feel that they are too busy to make a will or that the subject is too difficult to talk about but it is so important for everyone at every stage of life to have an up to date will.

 This simple document leaves your loved ones in no doubt as to your wishes and saves them time and worry. It is your opportunity to ensure that your property, money and possessions are distributed as you choose and that your wishes are known for the care of any dependent family members.

 By making a will you are able to reassure your friends and family that your wishes are being carried out including any funeral plans that you might prefer. It can avoid any doubts and disputes at an already stressful time.

 Some people think that important decisions will automatically go to their family when they die – this is not the case. If a person dies without leaving a will (intestate), their property and guardianship of their children becomes the subject of a set of very clear legal rules that might not be in keeping with the person’s wishes.

 Making a will with a solicitor is the best way of making your wishes known and ensuring that the people and things you care about are looked after in the way that you wish.

 It is not a difficult to write a simple will with the help of a solicitor and this April, local solicitors are waiving their professional fees in favour of a donation to support local hospice care. Saint Michael’s Make a Will Month is the perfect time to safeguard the future of the things that matter to you, while helping local people to get the care and support they need, want and deserve.

 Things to consider when writing a will:

 Appointing your Executors (persons you trust to carry out your wishes and handle your estate)

  • Guardians for your dependents – children and pets
  • Who will benefit from your assets and in what proportions
  • Whether you wish to leave any specific gifts to named people
  • If you have any specific funeral requests
  • Whether you wish to leave any money to a charity

Throughout April local solicitors have reserved appointments to guide participants of Saint Michael’s Make a Will Month through the process of writing a simple single will (or mirror wills for couples) in return for a donation.

 The service can also be used for updating an existing will. It is recommended that you revisit your will approximately every five years to ensure that it is still relevant, especially if your life circumstances have changed eg marriage, divorce, moving house or the arrival of a new grandchild.

 Bookings for Saint Michael’s Make a Will Month are being taken now, and with limited appointments we are urging interested people to contact us soon via our website for their free information packs.


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