Leeds solicitors Legal Studio join our exclusive club of strategic business supporters

Legal Studio being presented with their H3O certificate

Legal Studio solicitors Ian McCann and Helen Forster being presented with their H3O certificate by fundraiser Vicky Findlow

The business community in Harrogate has generously supported Saint Michael’s since the hospice was founded in 1987. To celebrate this historic relationship, in 2017 we created a new way for businesses to support us, through an opportunity to fund key strategic areas of the hospice’s future. We called this “H3O” to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

Legal Studio; the newest member of H3O, are a solicitors in Leeds with an unusual approach. They pride themselves on a flexible working model for their staff, giving power back to lawyers and getting people to enjoy working in law again.

Solicitor, Ian McCann, said “There’s an obvious natural synergy between us and Saint Michael’s. Both of our organisations are dedicated to giving people flexibility and enjoyment in their lives despite challenging circumstances.

“The dedication of Saint Michael’s to the people they care for appeals to us as a business.”

Helen Forster, also a solicitor at Legal Studio, spoke about the parallels between her experiences helping people to write wills and the work of Saint Michael’s. “People worry about what will happen when they’re not here anymore. 80% of the country doesn’t have their affairs in order before they reach the end of life.

“Part of that is because historically there’s been a certain way to do things, a conformity if you like. It’s up to organisations like Legal Studio and Saint Michael’s Hospice to take a more individual approach. We always try to be quirky and unique.”

Ian agreed. “We see Saint Michael’s shaking things up with their strategy for the future, with their holistic approach to looking after people at the end of their life.

“We joined H3O because we know Saint Michael’s don’t have a ‘typical’ view of the end of life. They think about people at the beginning of their journey as well as the end, and the network of people around them – in short, the whole person.

And in their strategy, Saint Michael’s is thinking about the people who don’t get care, who should. It is very important to us to support that.”

The strategic plan for Saint Michael’s, 2020 Vision, is available on our website. It lays out our commitment to help those who are less able to access the care they need, such as people who are homeless, those with additional needs, people from LGBTQI+, minority ethnic communities, and people living with terminal illnesses such as dementia.

Learn more about H3O and how supporting your hometown hospice can benefit your business

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