Spirit of Harrogate joins Saint Michael’s Guild of Patrons

We sat down with Marcus Black and Mike Carthy, co-founders of Spirit of Harrogate. the newest member of Saint Michael’s Guild of Patrons, to discuss their company and decision to further their already generous support for their hometown hospice.

Spirit of Harrogate receiving their honorary Guild membership plaque

Spirit of Harrogate is home to the ultra-premium spirits brand, Slingsby. With six award-winning variants in its collection, the company has always had its town and community at the heart of its brand and products.

Marcus Black said: “With Slingsby we sought to capture and bottle the spirit of Harrogate, a place where visitors still flock to relax, indulge and socialise while enjoying the restorative nature of the town. We’re inspired by Harrogate, by its famous wells, the picturesque surrounding countryside and of course, the water. A number of our key botanicals are even hand-grown local plants synonymous with the spa town.”

Spirit of Harrogate has always shown a true commitment to supporting local causes and four years on since Slingsby launched its very first gin variant, the company is stepping up its community activities by joining the Guild of Patrons here at Saint Michael’s.

Mike Carthy said: “Saint Michael’s Hospice is just a stone’s throw away from our office in Hornbeam Park. This year, much of our corporate social responsibility activity is focusing on mental health, which we know is also central to Saint Michael’s 2020 Vision strategy and resonates so well with our team values.”

Marcus added: “Supporting holistic hospice care is personal for us. During the past year at Spirit of Harrogate, we’ve had staff who have faced life challenges such as bereavement and we have always tried to support them in the best way we could. Helping the team through everyday life after such events is so important so this year, we have implemented a wellbeing programme – everything from office jigsaws, team breakfasts, mental health first aiders and external counselling.”

Spirit of Harrogate will be supporting Saint Michael’s over a three-year period by committing £15,000 and playing a key role in driving forward the strategy of service improvement and expansion through business support and advice. Its support aims to ensure the patients of today get the care they need, while also helping Saint Michael’s prepare for the needs of the patients tomorrow.

“Saint Michael’s is so close to our hearts and it never ceases to amaze me, just how hard hospices like Saint Michael’s have to work just to stay still. In these hard economic times, people’s altruism gets stretched thin and there are a lot of worthy causes that need the support.” Mike added.

The majority of Saint Michael’s services are funded by our local community, including business supporters like Spirit of Harrogate. Learn more about why local companies are supporting Saint Michael’s

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