Brian’s experiences of hospice day therapy

While Saint Michael’s day therapy patients certainly value being able to attend each week, the activities and crafts they are offered have a significant therapeutic value too.

Iona Kerris, Saint Michael’s occupational therapist said: “Giving people a choice of activity at a time when perhaps there is not a lot of choice in their lives, means that we’re providing our patients with a sense of empowerment. Regardless of their ability, engaging in craft activities allows people to contribute, working with skills they have to accomplish something new. It’s wonderful to see people enjoying the challenge of a new occupation.

Brian Blenkie is spending his third period in the hospice care charity’s day therapy unit, as he lives with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive lung disease.

Although Brian is also visually impaired, he has been enjoying making Christmas decorations with the assistance of the dedicated team in day therapy.

“This isn’t the sort of thing I’d have done at home,” he said. “But I have really been enjoying it. It’s keeping my brain working for a start – It’s something I can do by feel and I’m looking forward to taking it home.

“Because I can’t see much, I can feel quite isolated but these activities have helped me feel part of the group. It’s a great conversation generator and you get to know other people. Coming to day therapy really helps me – you meet all sorts of different people and it gets you talking about the problems you’ve got.”


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