Dying Matters Week 2020: relatives and friends share the support they’ve received

This week is Dying Matters Week nationally, and Tuesday’s theme as part of the week is Carers.

When we care for people close to them, we also provide families and carers with the support they need. Here, some of those relatives and friends talk about the support they have received from our teams:

Jenny McAleese’s husband Kevin was looked after at the Hospice before his death last year. She said: “It’s great to be able to talk openly and honestly with people and get support. It’s such a safe space. I felt so welcomed and cared for as well as Kevin.”

Sharon Farmer’s Mum Maureen was cared for by the Hospice before her death in 2014. Sharon said: “We all felt really cared for and supported – we could visit when we liked and when we left, we knew someone was there for her all the time, day or night.

“It took away so much worry and stress. We no longer felt so alone. I don’t think any of us would have coped if it hadn’t been for Saint Michael’s. It made such a difference having the support and people we could all turn to. It was like having someone to lean on and guide us all through.”

Jan Kestell’s husband Steve was cared for by our HOME Service before his death.

“Having the HOME Service visiting gave me confidence as I knew Steve would be OK. I was even able to go back to work part-time.

“I’d had all sorts thrown at me that year, and to have the support and guidance of the team was invaluable. They shared so much of our lives – including our wedding day!”

To find out more about Dying Matters Week, visit https://www.dyingmatters.org/.

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