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One in five of our patients is cared for thanks to a gift left in a will.


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Saint Michael’s believes high quality, end of life care is essential, and should be available to people irrespective of their diagnosis, their race, religion, sexuality or social status. But what happens when someone who is homeless is diagnosed with a terminal illness? What barriers might people with additional needs face when accessing support at the end of their life?

These are the questions we are continually asking ourselves, and our community. We know that many people are missing out on the vital care they need and deserve at the end of their lives. We know that we are an essential part of the solution.

It is now, with the help of our community, we must reach out to those who are less able to access the care they need; people who are homeless, those with additional needs, people from LGBTQ and minority ethnic communities, and people living with terminal illnesses such as dementia.

Members of a prestigious corporate initiative, H30, will offer a corporate donation to back our vision. As part of H30, your business will enjoy exclusive media and profile opportunities. H30 members will be invited to exclusive, high-profile events, and will be celebrated across the charity’s own channels.

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