Gift Aid Explained

If you choose to Gift Aid your donation, every gift you make to Saint Michael’s could be worth 25 per cent more at no extra cost to you. The government will add an extra 25p to every £1 you give to Saint Michael’s as long as you pay at least that amount in tax and give us permission to claim.

For example, if you give us £20 we can claim an extra £5, making your contribution worth £25.

How can I Gift Aid my donation?

Saint Michael’s can claim the Gift Aid back on your donations as soon as you complete a Gift Aid declaration form (to download a form, please click 'Download' on the right-hand-side of this page).

A single form will cover all future donations that you make and it even allows us to claim back the tax on donations you have made to us in the last four years. For this to be able to happen it is very important that all the information asked for on the declaration is provided. Thank you!


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