Leave a gift in your will

When someone leaves a gift in their will to Saint Michael’s, it helps ensure our specialist care and support is available both now and to future generations.


Once you’ve taken care of your family and friends, donations left to Saint Michael’s in a will, no matter how big or small, enable us to continue to provide care for local families today, as well helping us plan for the future.

 A solicitor is best placed to write your will or make a change to an existing one, and give more advice about the different types of gift you can make to Saint Michael’s

The solicitor can tell you the various ways you can leave a charitable gift in your will,  however most people choose to leave a percentage of their estate to charity (known as a residuary gift), as this will ensure that your gift keeps up with the rates of inflation over time.

If you would like to remember Saint Michael’s in your will, or if you’d like more information about our annual will writing initiatives, call (01423) 878 628 or email: fundraising@saintmichaelshospice.org



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