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One in five of our patients is cared for thanks to a gift left in a will.

How your fundraising helps Saint Michael’s

Saint Michael’s Hospice exists to improve the lives of people in the Harrogate district who are affected by terminal illness. We do this by providing hospice care to individuals living wtih terminal illness and their loved ones. We also help others to offer hospice standard care.
The impact of this work is huge, with one in three people in the Harrogate district  touched by hospice care at some point in their lives. Without the services provided by organisations like Saint Michael's, people could be left to face the complex issues and forgotten challenges of terminal illness alone.
However, we can only care for as many people as we have the funds to help. We currently spend £5million a year providing local hospice care and training other organisations to offer hospice standard care. So we need to raise an average of around £13,000 a day to fund the work we do.
As we receive very little government funding, Saint Michael's relies on people like you to fund around 80per cent of our work. 
We know how much Saint Michael's means to the Harrogate district, and how passionate the community is about supporting local hospice care. We also know that people are keen to make thier support for charity a fulfilling part of their life. That is why we strive to offer a range of opportunities to support Saint Michael's that bring enjoyment, a sense of community and achievement, while also fitting into people's lifestyles. In this section of our website you can find out about all the activities that you can do to support Saint Michael's Hospice to care for more people affected by termminal illness in your community. 



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