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Saint Michael's Information Notice

You can read Saint Michael's Information Notice in full below, or as a PDF with easy-to-navigate sections.

  1. Who we are
  2. How we obtain your information
  3. What are the types of personal information we collect
  4. Children and Young People
  5. Supporting adults at risk
  6. Credit, Debit card payment information
  7. How we use your information
  8. Direct Marketing
  9. Building profiles and personalising communications
  10. Who we share your information with
  11. How we store your information
  12. Your Rights
  13. Our website
  14. Changes to the way we use your information

How we will use the information you provide us.

Saint Michael’s Hospice is committed to protecting your privacy. This document explains how we collect and use the personal information you may provide us online, via phone, e-mail, face to face, by letter or other correspondence. By using our services or participating in our activities or using our website, you agree to your personal information being collected and used in the manner set out below.

This does not relate to information collected as part of an enquiry about receiving care or the delivery of this care or involvement with us as a volunteer or staff member.

If you have any queries about how we use your information, please contact our supporter care team on (01423) 878 628 or email supportercare@saintmichaelshospice.org We may update this information notice from time to time so please check back here periodically. We will notify you of significant changes by placing a notice on our website.

1. Who we are

We are Harrogate District Hospice Care, known locally as Saint Michael’s or Saint Michael's Hospice (SMH). We offer care and support to people in the Harrogate District who are living with terminal illness or bereavement. As an independent charity we also raise awareness of our services, encourage engagement with our cause and raise money to support the delivery of our mission. As we are nearly 90% funded by the communities we serve, your support is essential. To find more about why we need your help please see How Your Fundraising Helps.

Harrogate District Hospice Care is registered as a charity in England and Wales (registered charity number 518905) with a family of services operating  as Herriot Hospice Homecare, Just ‘B’, Saint Michael’s Hospice and Talking Spaces. We are also registered as a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (2121179). Registered address Crimple House, Hornbeam Park Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8QL.

We also operate a second company called HDHC Enterprises Ltd (registered company in England and Wales number 2566563) to record some of our activity classed as trading, for example the selling of new goods. Within the context of this statement, “we” means both the charity and this enterprise company.

2. How we obtain your information

We collect information in the following ways:

  • When you tell us directly

We collect personal information about you when you interact with us (e.g. by phone, online or post), register with us, enquire about our activities, make a donation, participate in an event, buy from our shops, interact with us online, communicate with us, visit our website or otherwise provide us with your personal information. 

  • When you give it to us indirectly

This is when your personal information is given to us by third parties. These might include websites, such as JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving or eBay or event organisers e.g. the London Marathon; these independent third parties will only do so when you have indicated that you wish to support the hospice. You should check their privacy policies when you provide your information to understand fully how they will process your information.

We may also obtain information about you from a family member or a friend or service provider who contacts us on your behalf or if a fundraiser passes on your details to us. For example, we have many funeral directors who kindly facilitate SMH collections at the funeral services held to mark the lives of our supporters. We also have kind individuals within our communities who want to support Saint Michael’s at their wedding or anniversary parties, and arrange for donations to be made and gift aid envelopes to be available during these events. We also have many supporters who take part in sponsored activities on our behalf. These supporters manage these processes and may then pass on the donations they receive and details of the persons kindly giving a donation to SMH for us to use to say thank you and record this donation. If you would rather we don’t receive this information, please let the event organiser know.

We may also receive information about you collected or processed by organisations working on our behalf e.g. our data cleanse company or email marketing provider. Those organisations are required to notify you at the point they collect your data that they will be passing it to us, to give you the opportunity to object or consent.

  • When your information is available publicly or from other external sources

We may combine information that we already have about you with information available publicly or information available from external sources in order to gain a better understanding of you, your charitable interests and connections and to improve our fundraising, marketing and communication methods, products and services. Such information could be, for example, socio-demographic and lifestyle information and information about previous donations you have made. Examples of public registers include Companies House, the electoral roll and media reports.

The information we get from other external sources may depend on your privacy settings or the responses you give, so you should regularly check them. For example, you may have provided permission for a company or other organisation to share your data with third parties, including charities, e.g. the Royal Mail. Depending on your settings or the privacy policies for social media and messaging services, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Linked In or Twitter, you might give us permission to access information from those accounts or services. We may also obtain information about you where it is publicly available and found in places such as Companies House, the Land Registry website and information that is published in articles and newspapers.

To understand how we use information about the communications devices you use, such as IP address (the location of the computer on the internet) and cookies, please see 'Our website' page. 

3. What are the types of personal information we collect

Personal information is information that can be used to identify you. It can include your name, date of birth, email address, postal address, telephone numbers, social media profile, fax number, bank account details, credit/debit card details, the company you work for and whether you are a UK tax payer so that we can claim Gift Aid (please rest assured we do not collect information about your actual tax payments, just whether you are a tax payer).

Data protection law recognises that certain categories of personal information are more sensitive. This is known as special categories of personal information and covers health information, racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, political opinion and trade union membership. We do not systematically collect “special categories of personal data” about our supporters unless there is a legitimate reason for this (e.g. if you participate in an event for which we may need health information, for example, for us to provide tailored support to you, to ascertain what services are relevant to you or to cater other services and support to you). We may also note down sensitive data, if you choose to tell us.

We may also collect health or other sensitive information if you tell us about your experiences of the hospice (for example, if you act as a case study for us); however, we will make it clear to you when collecting this information as to what we are collecting and why.

We also collect information about how our website is used and track which pages users visit when they follow links in SMH emails. We use this information to monitor and improve our website, services and activities e.g. to make our website more visible to people who are looking to find our services or to see which services or events are of most interest. Where possible we use anonymous or aggregated data that does not identify individuals. See further information about our website below.

As we carry out these activities we will ensure that we collect the information we need to carry out the purposes for which this information is processed.

4. Children and Young People

If you are aged under 18, and would like to participate in an event, make a donation or get involved with us, please make sure that you have your parent/guardian’s permission before giving us your personal information. When we collect information about a child or young person, we will make it clear as to the reasons for collecting this information and how it will be used. We will also endeavour, where reasonably possible, to ascertain your correct age to ensure you are suitable to participate and ensure we have parent/guardian’s consent for the storage of any information on children and young people.

We also have some campaigns that require us to take special care of children and young people that are involved. We have initiatives in place to ensure people taking part are of a legal age to do so and for this reason we will collect date-of-births as a mandatory field and also ask participants to verify that they are 18 years old or over. If we have concerns about whether you are the right age we may ask for you to provide extra information or consent from your parent or guardian prior to taking part. For example, the Gambling Commission require us to fulfil on a number of requirements to run our lottery and this includes making sure that we take special measures to ensure players are the right age to take part in this activity.

5. Supporting adults at risk

We recognise the importance of protecting at risk supporters and follow the guidance issued by the Fundraising Regulator on treating donors responsibly and fairly. This helps to support our staff and fundraisers who come into contact with supporters to provide high quality customer care, ensuring anyone donating to the charity is in a position to make a free and informed decision.

Please visit https://www.fundraisingregulator.org.uk/ for more guidance.

6. Credit, Debit card payment information

When you use the online donation or payment pages on our website you will be directed to a specialist supplier company, who will receive your credit card number and contact information to process the transaction. We do not retain your credit, debit card or bank account details. We will only use third party payment providers who meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Find out more information about PCI DSS standards by visiting their website at www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

They may use, retain and disclose your personal information and credit card details for this purpose as set out in their privacy policies, including transferring your data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). If you provide us with credit or debit card details on a hard copy form, over the telephone or in person we will ensure all card details are securely destroyed once the payment or donation has been processed. Only those staff authorised to process payments will be able to see your card details. If we receive an e-mail containing any credit or debit card details, it will be immediately deleted, no payment will be taken and you will be notified about this.

7. How we use your information

We may process your personal information for a number of reasons, such as:

  • To identify you
  • To ensure we have the correct safeguards in place for children and young people
  • To provide you with services, products or information that you have requested
  • To provide further information about our work, services, activities or products
  • To process a donation or payment we receive from you
  • To register and administer your participation in events you’ve registered for
  • To claim Gift Aid on your donations
  • To further our charitable aims, including for fundraising activities
  • To provide you with further information about our work and services
  • To further our charitable aims, such as asking you to help us to raise money, but always in accordance with our supporter promise
  • To fulfil a sale online or through our shops
  • To register, administer and personalise your account with us
  • To gain a full understanding of your situation so we can develop and offer you the best possible personalised communication and customer service
  • To say thank you and provide you with information about how your support helps people living with terminal illness
  • To send items that you have ordered
  • To report on the results and impact of our work, services and events
  • To invite you to participate in surveys or research or share your experiences in other ways
  • To keep a record of your relationship with us and for internal administrative purposes (such as our accounting and records), and to let you know about changes to our services or policies
  • To look into, and respond to, feedback complaints, legal claims or other issues.
  • To carry out statistical analysis and research in order to help us to understand how we are performing and how we can improve our services (including our website)
  • To monitor website use administer and keep our website safe and secure
  • To improve our website by making sure that content is relevant to users and their interests and habits
  • For training and or quality control
  • For financial recording or reporting purposes
  • Where required or authorised by law e.g. arising from contracts entered into between you and us or in relation to regulatory government and or law enforcement bodies
  • To prevent fraud, misuse of services or money laundering and to perform due diligence in respect of larger donations, to communicate with you in other ways

We may also use your personal information for other purposes which we specifically notify you about and, where appropriate, obtain your consent.

We collect this information for legal and contractual reasons, because we have consent from the individual concerned or because the organisation has a legitimate interest to do so and so that it can raise awareness, engagement and funds needed to fulfil our mission. The lawful grounds we use will depend on the purpose for which your information is processed and the type of data concerned.

8. Direct Marketing

We may use your details to give you information about our work, events, and services and/ or products which we think might interest you. For example, we might contact you about products and services you have used in the past, or send you updates on how your support for Saint Michael’s helps and news about our work, services, campaigns, volunteering and fundraising activity.

This is considered by law to be marketing activity. We will do this for two years from your last engagement with us and we will write to you prior to the two year point to ask whether you would like us to continue keeping in touch with you beyond this point. There may be exceptions to this approach for e.g. where people support a particular campaign/ project that lasts a lot longer than two years and it is therefore reasonable to continue contacting them beyond this point e.g. people who support a building or service project, or are actively part of an identified group fundraising on our behalf or who notify us that they wish to leave us a gift in their will.

As part of our commitment to you to demonstrate the difference your support makes and ensure you know when and how we need continued support, everyone who donates over £30 will be entitled to receive the Saint Michael’s Supporter Magazine, which may be published a maximum of four times a year and contains the latest news from the hospice. It also may contain a number of inserts that include information about current campaigns e.g. raffles or event sign-ups.

However, it is your choice whether you receive direct marketing communications from our charity and how you receive this information. Where we do communicate with you via email, SMS or phone (if you are registered with the telephone preference service) we’ll only do so because we have your consent.

All our communication material has clear marketing communication preference questions and also always contains information on how you can let us know you would like to change your communications preferences or tell us that you would like us to stop contacting you for marketing purposes. You can also limit how your information is used for marketing purposes.

As we are a small organisation, and individuals often support us in multiple ways, e.g. they both take part in fundraising and volunteer, much of our marketing activity features many areas of our work at once. But, if you would like to only receive information about certain areas of our work then we encourage you to get in touch so we can better tailor our marketing to your specific interests. You can do this at any time by calling (01423) 878 628 or email to supportercare@saintmichaelshospice.org

You can also further support your choices regarding marketing by registering with the Telephone Preference Service TPS which gives you the opportunity to opt out of receiving unsolicited calls. The Mailing Preference Service MPS will enable you to register to have your name taken off direct mailing lists or the Fundraising Preference Service FPS where you can choose to manage/stop direct marketing communications you receive from any charity.

We will not use your information for marketing purposes if you have told us not to and no service we provide is dependent on our ability to market to you. If you let us know that you would like us to stop contacting you for marketing purposes, we will fulfil this request within 28 days. Our database will be updated immediately, ensuring telephone calls and emails stop straightaway but due to mailing schedules that may be already underway it may take up to a month for post from us to stop. It is also important to note, however, that we may need to retain your details on a suppression list beyond this point, if we are required to do so for either contractual or legal reasons such as if you have made a donation or a tax declaration.

You may also receive administrative communications via mail, e-mail, telephone, text or social posting, for example, where you place an order for goods or services, or if you have made a donation by text, for example. This type of communication is considered separate to marketing communications and is necessary for us to fulfil the requests you make of us. For us to provide an effective service to you at the smallest cost to us the primary tool we will use for administrative communication with you will be email and we request, where suitable to you, that we can communicate with you in this way. However, if you have a different preference, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

9. Building profiles and personalising communications

We undertake research to ensure our communications are relevant and timely, and that our services provide an improved experience to our supporters. We do this because it allows us to understand the background of the people who support us and use our services and this helps us to tailor our services to better suit people’s needs and make appropriate requests to those supporters. It also helps us to use the resources we have in the most effective and efficient way.

In order to carry out this research, we (or our trusted service providers) may use the information which you give us and which we collect from external resources, including information that is publicly available about you. This sort of research can include us using information such as your age, where you live, your job, directorships, your financial circumstances, networks and any previous donations you have made, to determine whether and in what ways you might be interested in getting involved in supporting the hospice and the level of donation that you may be able to give. This research is done by our supporter care team and does not include any fully automated decision making or profiling processes.

You can let us know if you would prefer not to be included in this type of research by emailing supportercare@saintmichaelshospice.org or calling us on (01423) 878 628 or writing to us at Supporter Care Team, Saint Michael’s Hospice, The Tower, Fourth Avenue, Hornbeam Park, Harrogate, HG2 8QT.

To comply with our obligations as a charity, we must also take reasonable and appropriate steps to know who our supporters are, particularly where significant sums are being donated. This means that we may conduct research, including accessing information which is already publicly available, on prospective donors, partners or volunteers to ensure it would be right for us to accept support whether that is from an individual or organisation. This will help to give assurance that the donation is not from an inappropriate source and to safeguard our reputation. This does not mean that we will question every donation, or that we will research lots of personal and other details about every donor. Any information we do collect for this purpose will only consist of what is necessary for us to meet these requirements and will be processed in line with your rights.

10. Who we share your information with

Only appropriately trained staff, volunteers and contractors can access your information. It is stored on secure servers with features to prevent unauthorised access.

We never share, sell or rent your information to third parties for marketing purposes. We will only share information with other organisations where we have your permission to do so in accordance with this information notice, where it is necessary for a legitimate reason connected with the services we offer e.g. to apply our terms and conditions or rights under an agreement, or to protect us, for example, in the case of suspected fraud or defamation or where it is required by law or regulation (e.g. police or a government body such as HMRC).

We may also share your information to support the work of other departments within SMH and sometimes, we may need to share your information with a small number of partners (service providers, agents and affiliated organisations) for the purposes outlined above (e.g. a supplier that produces promotional material or delivers goods for us or a supplier that processes payments securely). All our partners are required to comply with the law and our standards. We will always make sure appropriate contracts and controls are in place and we regularly monitor all our partners to ensure their compliance.

In addition, from time to time we may exchange your personal information with other organisations for the purposes of fraud and credit risk reduction. We may also share information with our financial and legal advisers for the purposes of obtaining advice and protecting our legal rights. We may also share your information with the emergency services, if we think there is a risk of serious harm or abuse to you or someone else or to protect the rights, property and safety of Saint Michael’s Hospice, its personnel, users, visitors or others.

We also reserve the right to disclose your personal information if substantially all of our assets are acquired by a third party, personal information held by us may be one of the transferred assets.

When we collect your personal information we use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorised access. However, no data transmission over the internet is 100% secure.

As a result, while we try to protect your personal information, SMH cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.

As a user you can help protect the integrity of any data you transmit to SMH by taking common precautions, such as regularly allowing patching for your operating system, ensuring you are running up to date and supported anti-virus software, and only transmitting data where HTTPS appears at the beginning of the page URL (this refers to the security technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and indicates that the data is being transmitted securely). 

11. How we store your information

We promise to keep your information safe and secure. We have appropriate and proportionate security policies and organisational and technical measures in place to help us do this. For example, we require specialist suppliers who process secure payments to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) standards.

Although most of the information we store and process stays within the UK, some information may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area. This may occur if, for example, one of our service provider’s servers is located in a country outside the EU. Where such transfer occurs, we will ensure your data is adequately protected under UK data protection law. For example, we use the US-based Mailchimp as our email marketing provider.

In line with the law we’ll take all reasonable steps necessary to make sure these suppliers implement appropriate safeguards to ensure adequate protection under UK law for personal data is in place e.g. data transfers from the EEA to the US are permitted if the receiving company has been certified under the EU- US Privacy Shield. However, unfortunately, no transmission of your personal information over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. We will keep your information for as long as required to enable us to operate our services but we will not keep your information for any longer than is necessary. We will take into consideration our legal obligations and tax and accounting rules when determining how long we should retain your information. When we no longer need to retain your information we will ensure it is securely disposed of or anonymised to remove all personally identifiable information.

In general, if we no longer need your information for the reasons you gave it to us; we remove your personal information from our records seven years after the date it was collected. But we may remove it sooner if:

  • your personal information is no longer required for the purpose that is was collected
  • we’re no longer lawfully entitled to process it or if you ask us to remove it

After these seven years we will delete or anonymise your information unless you tell us that you would like us to keep in touch for a longer period of time. We may write to you prior to the seven year mark to let you know what is happening and give you the choice.

However, please note special rules apply for certain information, e.g. health records. We have a number of information notices to give more information on different services you may be using. Please ask a Saint Michael’s team member about any specific retention periods that relate to the service that you are using.

We aim to ensure that all information we hold about you is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. If any of the information we hold about you is inaccurate and either you advise us or we become otherwise aware, we will ensure it is amended and updated as soon as possible. To help us keep your information correct we regularly cleanse our databases using a third party data cleanse company who may check your data against sources such as the electoral roll or the Post Office’s National Change of Address database, and we will update your details through this mechanism.

12. Your Rights

As part of your relationship with Saint Michael’s Hospice you have the following rights

Right to be informed

You have the right to be told how your personal information will be used. This notice and other policies and statements used on this website and in our communications provide you with a clear and transparent description of how your personal information may be used.

Right of access

You can write to us to ask for confirmation of what information we hold on you and to request a copy of that information.

Provided we are satisfied that you are entitled to see the information requested and we’ve successfully confirmed your identity, we’ll give you your personal information (subject to any exceptions that apply).

Right of erasure

You have the right to ask us to erase your personal information at any time when specific circumstances apply. We will always endeavour to carry out your request where it is possible for us to do so. For example, for legal/financial reasons as stated in Section 11, we are required to store your data for seven years which will mean that should you request us to remove any data needed to trace a donation you have made we will not be able to do so until after that time due to our legal obligations. But, what we can do is make sure we minimise this information, only keep what is necessary and use it only for these legal purposes.

Right of rectification

If you believe our records of your personal information are inaccurate, you have the right to ask us to update those records.

You can also ask us to check the personal information that we hold about you if you are unsure whether it is up to date.

Right to restrict processing

You have the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information if there is disagreement about its accuracy or legitimate usage.

Right to object

You have the right to object to processing where we are:

  • processing your personal information on the grounds of legitimate interest
  • using your personal information for direct marketing or
  • using your personal information for statistical purposes
  • where we rely on your consent to use your personal information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time

This includes the right to ask us to stop using your personal information for marketing or fundraising by electronic means (for example to be unsubscribed from our email newsletter list).

Right to data portability

Where we are processing your personal information:

  • because you gave us your consent
  • because such processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are party or to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract, and the processing is carried out by automated means

You may ask us to provide it to you – or another service provider – in a machine-readable format.

 Rights related to automated decision-making

Where we take automated decisions (i.e. with no human involvement) in relation to your personal information, you have the right to ask us for human intervention or to challenge any such decision. We do not currently undertake automated decision-making.

To exercise any of these rights, please send a description of the personal information in question using the contact details below. We reserve the right to ask for: personal identification and further information. Please also note that you may only use/benefit from some of these rights in limited circumstances. For more information, we suggest you consult guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

If you wish to know more about any of the points above , have further questions or would like to raise a concern about the way in which your information is being used, please contact our Supporter Care Team on (01423) 878 628 or supportercare@saintmichaelshospice.org.

How to exercise your rights

  • To exercise any of these rights, please send a description of the personal information in question using the contact details in this document. We reserve the right to ask for:
    - personal identification
    - further information
  • Please note that you may only use/benefit from some of these rights in limited circumstances. For more information, we suggest that you consult guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or please contact us.
  • You have the right to make a complaint to the ICO about us or the way we have processed your personal information. For further information on how to exercise this right or contact them, please visit www.ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/

13. Our website

Our website does not generally collect personal information although many people choose to contact us via the website using emails, social media links, and forms contained on this website. These links generally take you to third party providers e.g. websites who we work with. You should make sure when you leave our site that you have read and understood that new site’s privacy policy in addition to our own. When you make a donation through Text to Donate, your donation will be managed by your network provider in accordance with their terms and conditions and privacy policy. We have no control over the privacy practices of these other sites or providers and cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us in this way, although we make sure that we do have procedures and security features to protect your information and seek to work with third parties who adequately protect your information under UK data protection law, as discussed in earlier sections.

If you use social media networks, such as Facebook to interact with us, we ask you also take time to consider how these sites may use your information and make sure you read and understand their privacy policies. We have no control over the privacy practices of these social media sites and cannot guarantee the security or any information you choose to share whilst using these platforms.

Our websites and social media do currently use cookies to help track the success of our online advertising and monitor the usage of our website. Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information. They fall into different categories. Some cookies are necessary for normal website function. They do not store your personal data.

Currently the main cookie used on our website is session cookie PHPSESSID. This cookie allows the site to know a user is in the same session (visit) and will expire after the session ends. You may refuse to accept these cookies by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse the setting of cookies. However, if you select this setting you may be unable to access certain parts of our site.

There are also cookies for analytics. We also use Google Analytics for our web analytics and work with Facebook to monitor our online advertising results. The cookies used here are Google Analytics cookies to determine new sessions, users, and traffic sources that explain how a user reached the site. The cookies set by Google Analytics are: _utma,_utmb,_utmc_utmz_utmv. They help us to understand how people use our website and improve the service we provide for you. Any information we collect and share as a result is anonymous and does not personally identify you. It does not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address or IP address.

The third categories of cookies we use are functional cookies. Many of these are provided by the third party cookies e.g. Vimeo or You tube. Without them links to them within our website won’t work.

For further information about cookies you can visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org. You can set your browser not to accept cookies and the above websites tell you how to remove cookies from your browser. However in a few cases some of our website features may not function as a result. 

14. Changes to the way we use your information

We keep our information notice under regular review and we will place any significant updates on this website. This privacy policy was last updated on 1 May 2019.

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