Saint Michael's supports professionals

Saint Michael’s offers free specialist palliative care to people with terminal illness who are living in the Harrogate district. Our priority is to look after those individuals with complex and multiple problems. These are the patients that generalist services in hospitals and the community are not always equipped to deal with effectively. We aim to complement and collaborate with these services to ensure all residents have access to quality palliative care should they want it.

Although the majority of our patients are living with cancer-related illnesses we also care for people with non-cancer related diagnoses. These include individuals living with chronic heart failure, chronic lung disease and neurological diseases, such as motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. We also offer support to two very distinct groups who may not be living with terminal illness. These are people living with lymphoedeama and people coping with bereavement.

As well as direct care Saint Michael’s also offers advice, support and training to professionals working with people in the situations listed above. So far we have helped hundreds of doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, staff from nursing homes and other healthcare professionals by offering advice and direct training opportunities that help them to further their career or give them the ‘on the job’ confidence they want.

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