Saint Michael's Services

Living with a terminal illness can affect a person in many different ways; from changes to their body, their relationships and their independence to differences to their sense of self, their social life and their confidence. Saint Michael’s exists to help people cope with any challenges they may face, so that they can live life to the full, to the end.

Our doctors and nurses can help relieve a person’s symptoms, while our physiotherapist and occupational therapist can assist an individual to find new ways of managing day-to-day living or taking part in the things they enjoy. We also have many other professionals on hand who can ease pressures around money or housing or help a person explore meaning in their life.

Our services include:

We know that it is important that this expert care is available where and when people need it. That is why we offer people support in their own homes and at community clinics, as well as providing a range of services from Saint Michael’s Hospice, in Crimple Valley, Harrogate.

All our services are free to patients and their families and are available to people living in the Harrogate district who are 18 years old and upwards.

Every patient or client that uses the services offered by Saint Michael’s can expect to be valued, responded to with empathy, listened to, communicated with sensitively and honestly, and shown an understanding of individual beliefs, lifestyle and culture.

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