Ex Forces Support North Yorkshire

Saint Michael's is one of 14 North Yorkshire based organisations working as a consortium - Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire - offering  practical and customised support to older veterans, to enable them to lead fuller lives in the way they would like.
The charity's existing volunteer visitor service will allow a veteran to be matched with a trained volunteer for weekly visits, aimed at reducing isolation and increasing confidence.

Volunteers usually spend around two hours a week visiting someone in the place they call home,  and activities might include a chat and a cuppa, an outing, a trip to the shops or even a game of golf!

Bereavement support, and counselling is also available to those meeting the criteria. There is no charge for ex-veterans wishing to access these services.

As part of Ex-Forces North Yorkshire, any veteran over the age of 65 is eligible, as well as anyone who completed National Service conscription or supported the armed forces through a role in the Merchant Navy. The three-year project will cover North Yorkshire and York and is funded by the Aged Veterans Fund at the Ministry of Defence by the Chancellor using LIBOR fines.

To find out more about Saint Michael's support for ex-forces personnel  T: (01423) 876 470

For more information about Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire, or to make a referral,

T: (01904) 704 177. 

E: exforces@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk

or W: communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk.

You can refer yourself, or make one for a relative, friend or someone you are caring for. Under the Ex-Forces project, veterans can access as many services as they would like. Please note, referrals must be made before the end of March 2020.


Information about Saint Michael's volunteer visitors

  • Volunteer visitor support can range from help with shopping, light household tasks, and accompanying you to appointments, to simply being there and listening.
  • This support also allows carers to take a valuable break, helping to reduce the strain and helping them to feel confident that they can continue their caring role for as long as possible.
  • All volunteer visitors are fully trained and are supported by a range of Saint Michael's community specialists, including our occupational therapist, social worker, physiotherapist, specialist MND practitioner, and the community clinical nurse specialist team.
  • All Saint Michael's volunteers are supervised by members of the patient care team and are thoroughly checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
  • The volunteer visitor role does not include any personal care, clinical care or domestic duties and is not designed to replace any professional carer function.
  • You can be referred by any healthcare professional, a member of the Ex-Forces Support Consortium or refer yourself, by letter, email or telephone. Once referred, we will arrange a home visit so that we can assess how the service is able to meet your needs.
  • There is no charge for this service.


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